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Manufacturing Leadership: The New struggle For Customer Centricity – Exclusive Research White Paper

Customer-focused innovation and new services dominate the manufacturing leadership agenda

The results of an exclusive new Manufacturing Leadership Council research survey reveal distinct changes in strategic focus for the world’s manufacturing leaders this year.

The latest study exposes some of the most challenging new realities now being faced by today’s manufacturing industry leaders as they strive to truly embrace customer-centric business models in an increasingly fast-paced global market.

Most significantly, their strategies and future plans are becoming increasingly driven by their top customers’ needs. Yet they recognize that they will have to significantly improve their skills and expertise in understanding customer trends, customer data and the differences between new global markets if they want to succeed and expand.

4 Key Learning Points:

  • Customer satisfaction and customer-centric initiatives now dominate much of the manufacturing leadership agenda, yet many leaders say they still lack clear knowledge on upcoming customer trends and new markets to help them make the right decisions.
  • Many manufacturing enterprises say they are heading toward more collaborative business models, but difficulties in understanding how to make collaboration work successfully look to be decelerating the collaborative trend.
  • Innovative ideas for new products and customer services remain top priorities for the future, but mastery of demand forecasting techniques and how to analyze big data to help set the innovation agenda are becoming major concerns.
  • While global markets continue to offer growth opportunities, many manufacturing leaders now recognize they have serious gaps in their understanding of global manufacturing trends and cultural differences across multiple markets across the world.

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The New struggle For Customer Centricity – Exclusive Research White Paper
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