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M2M Enables Manufacturing Companies to Achieve Dramatically Higher Levels of Excellence

Manufacturers Use AT&T Technology to Win ML100 Awards

AT&T’s network and communications technology is a leader in enabling top companies to reach excellence. Using this technology, Acclaim Energy Advisors developed an Energy Dynamic Load Optimization solution and GE Aviation created a Game-Changing Integrated Vehicle Health Management system.

AT&T White Paper

Both of these organizations won ML100 awards for their boundary-pushing results, demonstrating the potential of machine-to-machine and sensor-based wireless networking technologies.

Inside this white paper:

  • Learn how machine-to-machine technology can provide real-time performance data for better energy management and cost reduction.
  • Gain an understanding on how better monitoring and management of energy consumption by individual companies can help prevent regional power shortages and outages.
  • Discover how sensor-based, wireless networks can enable manufacturing companies to perform predictive maintenance on customers’ equipment, potentially raising satisfaction levels.
  • Understand how the condition of equipment that can provide real-time information, particularly in aviation, can also help improve safety.

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